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Energy UK response to Ofgem

In response to Ofgem's report on complaints handling, Energy UK said;

“Eight out of ten micro business customers are happy with their energy provider according to new research from Citizens’ Advice. This is good news and shows that when things are going well customer satisfaction soars but the energy industry is fully aware it needs to improve for domestic customers when thing go wrong. Handling complaints well is a must. Suppliers are committed to improving and a programme of change is underway.
“Every complaint is taken seriously and customers should not suffer in silence. Energy companies work hard to provide the best service for their customers but in an industry serving 27 million households sometimes things go wrong. Many complaints are customers raising concerns about inaccurate bills often resulting from estimated or incorrect meter readings. These are normally resolved by a simple telephone call and will become a thing of the past as new 'Smart’ meters - that send readings automatically to suppliers - are rolled out across the country. Most other complaints, if they can’t be sorted out by phone, are nearly always resolved in twenty-four hours. 
“Complaints have risen, in some specific cases, when new systems were being installed. More generally, there is a heightened interest and concern about the cost of living and energy bills and, as policy costs and building new low carbon generators can increase industry and household bills, complaints may well remain high. With over twenty suppliers to choose we would encourage customers to shop around to make sure they are on the best deal and getting the best customer service.
“Customer should speak to their supplier first if they have a problem. A simple guide to helping people resolve their problems can be found at”
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