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Energy UK responds to the NICE consultation on excess winter deaths

“It is the elderly and those in poor housing that are most affected by cold weather, and for these people there is often help available from the energy industry.  New boilers, insulation and double glazing, work wonders in keeping homes warm for less. Many can afford to make these home improvements, but some can’t. 

“In the Energy UK response to the very welcome consultation on excess winter deaths by NICE, we are proposing that much more coordination amongst professionals and others will really help those in difficulty. Doctors, local authorities, government  know which households  have problems and they should work now with the energy industry and let us know who could be eligible for help from us. The company who supplies gas and electricity does not often know the personal circumstances of their customer and so we are asking these professionals who are helping the vulnerable to also call the Home Heat Helpline on 0800 33 66 99 to find out what assistance they qualify for. The summer is a great time to start preparing for the colder months so the winter stops being a worry.”

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