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Statement on Energy Companies Obligation restructure

The largest energy companies have all made commitments to reduce customer bills following the Government’s announcement of a restructure of the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO).

Energy UK has published a table detailing the actions of each company; which customers were having their bills reduced, the size of the reduction and when the reduction came into effect.

Energy UK said:

“Companies continually look at ways to offer the best value and service for their customers. Suppliers compete on price and service as well as the way they deliver Government schemes, such as ECO, where they are subject to them. Switching figures show just how many people are moving between suppliers to find the best deal for them.”

“We need an open and honest debate about energy costs so consumers can have a clear view on what they pay for and what they get for their money. This needs energy companies, government and wider groups to be honest about costs and the make-up of the bill.”

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