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Energy UK's response to claims of an ECO windfall

“Energy suppliers are committed to delivering ECO as cost effectively as possible while complying with Ofgem’s rules and keeping customer service at the forefront of all their activities. The major companies have all already announced that they will pass on savings to customers following a restructure of ECO. These changes have highlighted the need to ensure policies are affordable to the customer. An independent evaluation of the first year of ECO, undertaken by the Centre for Sustainable Energy, predicted a delivery cost to be £1.54bn, without the proposed changes to ECO. This is over £200m more than originally predicted.

“As with any competitive market, the cost of delivering the programme will vary from company to company, but the industry welcomes further transparency to make it more open and easy to understand, and ultimately to ensure it offers the best possible value to consumers. “

Notes for editors

The Centre for Sustainable Energy's report on the first year of ECO can be found on the Energy UK website.

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