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Cut your emissions for Earth Day

Energy UK is encouraging everyone to improve their energy efficiency for Earth Day.  

As we take a day to consider the effect we have on the planet, people should be thinking about improving their energy efficiency and making the most out of the energy they use all year round, not just in the colder months.

We have come up with five key ways to control energy usage around the home:

  • Turn down the heating: as we move into the spring and summer there is less of a need for the heating to be on full blast. Only use it when you need to saving money and gas.
  • Keep your freezer full: an empty freezer uses power than a full one so keep it full. Plus, defrosting food overnight uses less power than using a microwave.
  • Energy saving light bulbs: are the quickest and easiest way to save energy, and money. Energy efficient light bulbs convert most of the energy they use into light rather than heat.
  • Don’t leave it on standby: leaving appliences on standby can use as much as three quarters of the power as when they’re turned on, so make sure that they are fully turned off when you are finished with them. 
  • Let the sun shine: open the curtains and let the sun warm up your home.

Bonus tip:

Green Deal: and one for luck, go green by signing up for the 'Green Deal’ now. Think ahead by getting an assessment in the summer helping you to prepare for the winter.

Energy UK’s Angela Knight says:

“There are lots of ways that we can improve our energy efficiency around the house, from using efficient light bulbs to installing insulation in the attic. Making our homes more efficient helps reduce carbon emissions but it also cuts costs for the average customer. So, take a moment on Earth Day to look around your home and consider how you can improve your energy efficiency, help tackle climate change and cuts your energy bills month on month.” 

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