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Mayor of London launches energy efficiency competition

Energy UK welcomes the Mayor of London's invitation to London’s small businesses to come up with a solution to reduce London’s electricity use at peak times. The aim is to reduce the likelihood of blackouts by encouraging households to avoid the hours of peak demand.

£20,000 will be presented to the winner in June to help bring the idea to market.

Energy UK said,

“Energy UK fully supports Boris Johnson’s energy efficiency campaign. The energy industry welcomes new initiatives that raise awareness and encourage customers to take control of their energy consumption.

“Being energy efficient at home is one of the easiest ways to reduce energy usage and in turn, save money. Fitting new boilers, double glazing or improving your insulation and not leaving electrical appliances on standby can all help.

“Energy suppliers are committed to helping the public improve the efficiency of their homes and keep warm during the winter months.”

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