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Energy UK response to Ofgem's Market Assessment

“The UK energy market is increasingly competitive with more companies vying for customer business. Three-and-a-half million households switched suppliers last year and increasing numbers of people are trying out deals from smaller suppliers. Earlier Ofgem reforms are rolling out right now, improving things for both customers and the wholesale market.

“The industry welcomes the inquiry. Many allegations have been made, and over such a long period, that the energy industry considers the best way forward is a competition referral.  The inquiry will need to be completed as speedily as the rules allow for it to be in the best interests of customers and to reduce uncertainty for the investors needed to build the new generation of power stations the country requires. The industry has nothing to hide and will fully cooperate with the authorities as they investigate competition in the energy market.”

For more information, read our factsheet about competition in the energy market (PDF 300 KB).

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