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Smart meters help pre-payment customers

Smart meters will revolutionise the way pre-payment customers get the most from with their energy company, Energy UK said. Smart meters communicate with energy companies in near real time. So they get up to date information on customers’ energy use helping customers get a better service.

Energy UK’s Rosie McGlynn said:

“Smart meters are helping to bring to energy industry into the digital age. They will help pre-payment customers cut down their bills, manage their energy use and find a deal that suits them.”

Smart meters have a range of additional benefits for people on pre-payment meters. Once the smart meter roll-out is complete customers will be able to;

  • Top up from home online, by phone or by text
  • No longer rely on a card or key that might get lost
  • Switch from credit to pre-payment more easily as there is no need to install a new meter
  • Pay the same as people on credit thanks to a cut in admin costs
  • Choose between more tariffs 
  • Switch between providers more easily and quickly.

Smart meters are just another example of how the energy industry is becoming fairer for customers and easier to interact with.

Notes for editors

  1. Rosie McGlynn will be speaking on 26 March 2014 at the Utility Week Consumer Debt Conference in Birmingham. Join the conversation using the hashtag #consumerdebt.  
  2. For more information about the conference visit the edie website
  3. The roll-out is starting in 2015 but some suppliers have already begun. Around 1 million customers have already had a meter installed. By 2020 everyone in the UK will have a smart meter. 
  4. For more information on the smart meter roll-out and the benefits of smart meters visit the Energy UK website



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