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Energy UK's response to the Great British Switch

The Daily Mirror and Compare the Market have launched The Great British Switch campaign, which aims to hand control back to consumers by empowering them to switch energy supplier and get a better deal. The campaign calls for energy companies to scrap exit fees over the weekend of 15-16 March, as they claim that it prevents customers switching.

Energy UK said:

“It is now quicker than ever to change supplier; more and more people are switching either energy tariff or supplier. Around 1.3 million customers switched in the last quarter of 2013 – this is a welcome sign that the energy industry is increasingly competitive with plenty of suppliers to choose from.

“Energy companies are fully committed to making it as straightforward for customers to switch to a new provider. We want customers to be in control and urge them to take this opportunity to shop around for a better energy deal. We want to break down the barriers that stop people switching by making it simpler for customers to do so.

“Currently over two thirds of customers are on variable tariffs with no end date and as a result have no exit fees. By the summer, everyone will be on the cheapest deal with no exit fee.”

For more information on how to switch see our Simple to Switch animation on our Energy Made Clear website.

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