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Energy UK response to the Which? release on standardised tariffs

Responding to the Which? release regarding Ofgem's new rules for standardised tariffs, Energy UK said:  

“Energy companies have made great changes helping customers find the best deal available. We are pleased the survey results show an increase in customer understanding and the energy industry is continuing to work with customers and consumer groups so more people understand their bills and choices.

“Already tariffs have been radically streamlined making it much easier for customers to understand bills and compare deals. Most recent figures show that around 1.3 million customers switched in the last quarter of 2013 alone. This is a welcome sign we are moving in the right direction and that the process is easy to follow and the energy industry is increasingly competitive with plenty of suppliers to choose from.

“The Retail Market Review is the latest stage in improving customers’ experience with their energy companies and is making the industry clearer and easier to understand. But it is also an ongoing process with more reforms still to come. As we continue to work through the reforms, constructive feedback is helpful so we can improve the information we provide."

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