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Energy UK urges Government to keep all EU leaders focused on energy affordability at the EU Summit

Energy UK urges Government to keep all EU leaders focused on energy affordability at the European Summit later this month

Balancing customer cost and continued investment in renewable energy generation across Europe should be at the core of the UK's response to the '2030 Framework', Energy UK said today. In a letter to the Prime Minister, the energy industry said it considered the binding   greenhouse gas reduction target of 40% was appropriate, but any renewables target should be EU wide. The EU target should not be divided into binding national targets, so that individual countries have the flexibility to meet the requirements as cost effectively as possible. Affordability has to be central to this work while ensuring the sector is attractive for investors.

Energy UK’s Angela Knight said:

“With both households and businesses having the affordability of energy at the top of their agenda, it is vital that the UK Government makes sure that the EU focuses on this aspect properly. Continuing to take a sensible and pragmatic approach to EU targets for the future is the best way to bring this about.

“The EU’s landmark proposals on climate and energy issues '2030 Framework’ sets out an all-encompassing ten-year vision for how the EU will deal with the energy and climate challenges we face.  There is welcome agreement on the 40% reduction target for greenhouse gas reductions. The industry believes not setting binding renewables or energy efficiency targets is the right approach.

“As with everything we do, affordability to the customer is the primary concern.  If customers are paying for new technologies and greener energy, we must also explain why this is important and why they will benefit in the long run.

“Action on the Emissions Trading Scheme is also important and will help companies undertake the low-carbon investment they need and keep prices for customers as low as possible.”

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