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Switching hits end of year high

New switching numbers show that around a million customers sought out energy deals in November and December last year. This compares to 3.5 million switches for the whole of 2013.

Energy UK Chief Executive Angela Knight said the figures, independently compiled by Electralink, demonstrates that industry reforms are working and that switching is simple and easy for customers to do. Knight said it also proved that the energy industry was competitive with nearly 230,000 of those switching choosing smaller independent suppliers.

Angela Knight, Chief Executive of Energy UK said:
“Increased switching is a welcome sign that the energy industry is becoming more competitive, clearer and working for its consumers. There has been a sharp increase in the number of customers switching and those shopping around for a deal which suits their individual circumstances. And competition is alive and well with people choosing new entrants to the market and smaller suppliers rather than just sticking with established companies.

“When choosing a supplier there are plenty of options available, but it always pays to shop around and find a deal that works best for you. You can get the information you need from the companies themselves or can trust to be impartial any comparison site displaying the Ofgem Confidence Code.”

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