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Energy UK response to Citizens Advice report on prepayments

In response to Citizens Advice's report on prepayments, Angela Knight said:

“As we approach winter many families may be worrying about their household bills. Energy suppliers have committed this year as they have done in other years to not knowingly cut anyone off who is in difficulty, for not paying their bill. It is often not easy for a supplier to identify prepayment customers who are in financial difficulty or at risk of self-disconnecting. The CAB has highlighted this problem and the big message, loud and clear, is that anyone who is worried about paying for their electricity or gas should get in touch with their supplier immediately. Don't disconnect call your supplier.

“No one should worry about putting on the heating or the lights. Energy companies are working hard to help customers who are finding things difficult and there is plenty of help available, from subsidised energy efficiency measures and access to trust funds. If anyone is worried about their energy bills whether on prepay or not, they should get in contact with their supplier or call the Home Heat Helpline on 0800 33 66 99

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