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Simple steps cut bills, says Energy UK

Being energy aware around the house can help customers cut their gas and electricity bills Energy UK chief executive Angela Knight said today as this year’s Big Energy Saving Week gets underway. Mrs Knight said that people were often unaware how small steps could lead to big savings and highlighted top energy saving tips which, together, could mount up:

Keep it under wraps: A third of heating costs could be lost through the walls, so insulating them is the best way to save energy in the home.

  • Lighting up times: Energy efficient light bulbs use up to 80 per cent less energy and can cost as little as 50 pence each.
  • Fix the drip: A dripping hot water tap can waste enough water to fill half a bath in just one week.
  • Replace old boilers: heating and hot water that come from the boiler make up around 60 per cent of what customers spend on their energy bills every year. So upgrading to an A-rated high-efficiency condensing boiler could make a big difference.
  • Turn it down: Turning down thermostats by one degree could cut the cost of a heating bill by 10 per cent.
  • Don’t stand by: Remembering to switch off appliances saves money.  

Energy UK chief executive Angela Knight said:

“Being energy efficient can make a serious difference to gas and electricity bills and small improvements and changes around the house can stop people from throwing away their money. Energy suppliers are committed to helping their customers and have been putting significant efforts into helping customers control their energy use and make their homes are more energy efficient. Everyone can make small changes to how they behave. At the heart of getting to grips with gas and electricity spending is being more aware of energy use and Big Energy Saving Week is a timely reminder to take a look at what can be done before winter sets in. Simple steps bring big rewards in cost savings and that means no one need worry about putting the heating on this winter.”

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