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Energy UK response to National Grid's Winter Outlook Report 2014-2015

In response to National Grid's Winter Outlook Report 2014-2015, Angela Knight, chief executive of Energy UK, said:

“National Grid’s analysis shows the margin between supply and demand for electricity has become much narrower in recent years, but still within the safety zone the government has set.

“Power cuts during this winter are unlikely as generators have been spending large amounts of money on maintenance over the summer so they can meet demand when it gets cold. National Grid has also made sure that, during peak times, it can both draw on extra support from power stations and cut back the amount of electricity used by big industrial businesses.
“The UK must plan for the future so the country has the new generation capacity it needs while preventing other reliable generators from being mothballed. This requires all energy policies to be considered from the perspective of how they help provide reliable electricity generation at a price customers can afford. While the Capacity Market is welcome and will provide back-up when it is needed, it will not come in until 2018.

“The gas security of supply outlook for this winter is very strong due to the diversity of sources supplying the UK.”


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