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Energy UK comments on EU Air Quality package

Commenting on the EU Commission's new policy package on Air Quality announced today, Energy UK said:

"Air quality across Europe will continue to improve as a result of proposals revealed today to require member countries to take a joined up approach to cutting emissions. Energy UK said the energy industry would play its part by reducing emissions in a programme already set out up to 2020 and that it was sensible to set new targets for national emissions that were in line with other environmental aspirations out to 2030.    

"The power sector has already made very significant reductions in sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and particulate emissions but, because of the costs involved, further improvements will need to come from other areas, such as transport and domestic heating. We are also concerned that any new proposals – such as a Directive for Medium Combustion Plants - should take the likely costs for customers and regulatory burden for operators into account.

"We want to see the greatest environmental benefit achieved most cost-effectively. Proposals should dovetail with the Industrial Emissions Directive to avoid double regulation, include derogations from full compliance and ensure transitional arrangements for existing plants."

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