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Energy UK responds to Environment Agency's Sustainable Business Report 2012

Following the release of the Environment Agency’s Sustainable Business Report 2012, Energy UK said:

“The power sector is subject to a very high level of environmental regulation and public scrutiny. We are therefore very pleased to see that the Sustainable Business Report 2012 shows that the sector is a consistently high performer in terms of compliance with Environmental Permits. There were no serious pollution incidents in 2012 and none of the sites are causing concern to its local community.

“Although the Report highlights some increase in the emissions of sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides and fine particles, mainly as a result of an increase in electricity generation from coal, these are well within regulated levels and have decreased significantly since 2000. Further decreases can be expected over the next few years as coal-fired power stations reduce their output or close in response to tightening environmental standards, and the UK’s commitment to move to more renewable electricity production and to building new nuclear power stations to replace the old ones.”

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