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Energy UK responds to DECC's initial agreement on Hinkley

In response to DECC's initial agreement on new nuclear power station at Hinkley, Energy UK said:

"It is good news for the UK and British customers that new nuclear is going ahead. There is a clear need to build new power stations and nuclear represents clean, reliable energy and jobs both during the build and while the plant is running.

"The energy industry is well aware that it has a lot to do in the coming years so customers know it is working for them. This means keeping bills down by insulating our homes better so we use less energy and keep warmer. Companies are committed to being straightforward and open when prices have to go up so customers know the reasons why. It also needs to be easier for new energy companies to enter the market so people feel there is a better choice.

"Building new power stations is never quick or cheap, but in the case of Hinkley development, nothing goes on the bill until 2023."

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