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Energy UK response to the release by DECC of Energy Company Obligation (ECO) delivery costs

Following the release from DECC earlier today Energy UK said:

“We need to be upfront and honest about the costs involved in ECO. Publishing these figures regularly is crucial so everyone can see the price they pay and what they are getting for their money. While the latest figures are in line with the initial impact assessment  - we also know it is still relatively early days and costs could go up significantly over the lifetime of the scheme as the mix of measures installed in consumers’ homes changes.

It’s important that consumers understand the make-up of their electricity bill, and how the £50 being added to their bill is spent, in order that as many households as possible benefit. It serves no one, least of all the consumer, to hide the costs involved.

“Energy companies remain committed to achieving the targets that the Government has set for ECO and to working openly with DECC and Ofgem to make sure the scheme runs efficiently. But we must also not lose sight of the need to deliver the best value possible for customers.”

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