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Energy UK responds to Which? 'standing charge lottery'

Responding to Which? comments on a 'standing charge lottery', Angela Knight, chief executive of Energy UK, said:

“The ink is still wet on Ofgem’s current reforms to simplify the energy market and surely they must be given a chance. The energy companies are doing everything that the regulator and their customers are asking for. Simplifying tariffs while still providing choice, and a creating a straight forward way of comparing one tariff  with another.

“This argument between Which and Ofgem is about the difference between one simple way of comparing tariffs and another simple way of comparing tariffs. It puts the industry in the middle of a hokey kokey debate and the customer at the end not knowing what is happening.

“We may be entering the party conference season, but all sides should bury their differences in the interest of helping the customer with the changes that have been made and those that the authorities are requiring in the future."

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