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Energy UK comments on energy bills

Prior to the Opposition day debate on energy bills, Angela Knight, Chief Executive of Energy UK, said:

“Parliament should take this opportunity for an open and honest debate about energy from generation through to the household bill.

“Energy companies know people are worried about rising costs. The average energy bill has gone up by 13% since 2010. And the reason is increasing wholesale costs of energy, network costs (wires and pipes), and the rising cost of social & environmental policies. The profit that companies make is only about £1/week per household.

“Energy suppliers do more than almost any other sector to support their low-income and vulnerable customers. For example, under the Warm Home Discount, eligible customers will receive a rebate on their energy bill of £135 from their supplier. And companies have provided free and subsidised insulation to millions of homes.

“The lights don't regularly go out at present but there is a need for continuous, serious investment now and into the future and companies are investing now to keep the lights and heating on. To do this energy companies need to make a profit. UK energy prices are among the cheapest in Europe.”

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