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Electricity theft: 'Theft is theft and the main focus should be on catching the criminals'

As Ofgem's consultation into Tackling Electricity Theft ends, Angela Knight, Chief Executive of Energy UK, said:

"Ofgem is in danger of looking too much down the wrong end of the telescope on energy theft. Of course the energy suppliers have a part to play in reducing the theft of electricity, just as shops and supermarkets have a role in trying to stop shoplifters. But theft is theft and the main focus should be on catching those who bypass meters, particularly when they use the electricity for criminal activity like growing cannabis.

"Energy suppliers take their responsibility to detect and prevent electricity theft very seriously and already have steps in place to protect honest customers and prosecute the criminals responsible. All suppliers will continue to work closely with the necessary authorities and Ofgem to tackle theft whether its electricity or gas. If you suspect your meter has been tampered with, contact your supplier as a matter of urgency."

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