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Energy UK comments on Ofgem's Standards of Conduct

Responding to Ofgem's introduction of new 'Standards of Conduct', Angela Knight, Chief Executive of Energy UK, said:

“Energy suppliers are ahead of the game in making tariffs simpler and have already made them easier to understand and easier to compare as part of their moves to put the customer first.

Changes are also well underway in better and clearer communications. Companies are working closely with all the policy makers and the regulator, and most importantly with their customers, as Ofgem knows.

Energy UK supports the standards of conduct as another step in rebuilding trust in the market. The big issue though is, making sure customers understand their bill so that they can make informed choices and better manage their energy use.  Energy companies only have control over about a fifth of the customer bill, the remaining 80% is made up of the wholesale price of energy and the costs that others add to the bill such as the wires and the pipes that distribute the energy and the additions because of energy policy.

Now is the time for the authorities to start an honest debate on what green energy policy means and why bills are going up.”

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