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Energy UK comments on ONS figures showing a drop in energy consumption

In response to the ONS figures on energy consumption, Energy UK said:

"It is good news in the current climate that customers are using less energy, and the regulator is currently consulting on the adjustment of their average consumption figures as a result of this. This fall in consumption shows how effective it is to insulate your home. Britain’s homes are notoriously leaky and energy companies have been busy improving properties to make them warmer and easier to heat.

They have installed insulation and other measures in millions of homes across the country over the past few years. This has evidently reduced usage and bills which is good news for customers. The work will continue with two new schemes, the Green Deal and the Energy Company Obligation. Meanwhile, energy companies will also be installing smart meters in every home in the country by 2020, which will help people further manage and understand their gas and electricity usage.”

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