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Customers urged: claim £135 discount on energy bills

As Britain enjoys its warmest summer for years, people worried about next winter’s energy bills are being urged to apply now for a £135 discount.

The Warm Home Discount rebate, which is given each winter automatically to less well-off pensioners, gives those who qualify a discount of £135 off their electricity bill in winter. Yet other customers – and not just older customers - who are struggling with their bills can apply for the discount too.

The rebate is given to customers by their electricity supplier and all major suppliers have now opened their schemes for applications. Customers are urged to call the Home Heat Helpline on 0800 33 66 99 to see if they’re eligible.

A spokesman from the Home Heat Helpline said:

“We know from the people that call us that this discount is always welcomed, as it arrives on bills during the depths of the cold winter. But it is actually in the heat of the summer that you should apply for it. It may feel a long way from winter now but it’s worth getting your application in now if you think you may be eligible.”

While more than 44,000 people called the Home Heat Helpline this year for help with their bills and leaky homes, recent research, commissioned by the Home Heat Helpline, shows that nearly half of those eligible for help from the Warm Home Discount didn’t realise they were and so didn’t claim.

Although whether you qualify will depend on your electricity supplier, you are mostly likely to qualify for the discount if your income is under £16,000 and you are over 70, living with long-term disabilities or bringing up young children at home.

“This is absolutely the right time to get ready to keep warm next winter and to start saving money. Don’t wait until it’s cold to see if you’re eligible. Claim what is yours.” said Angela Knight, Chief Executive of Energy UK.

The Home Heat Helpline is also urging people to start planning now with four simple summer savers.

  • Call the Home Heat Helpline – find out what help you might be eligible for and how to save money on your energy bill.
  • Get a free home energy check – Every supplier will be able to offer help and advice on what you can do today to save next winter – and most will do it for free. Make sure you talk to your energy supplier about your own home and circumstances.
  • Fix the leaks - summer is the perfect time to install insulation in your home to ensure you are warm through the winter. Companies offer to do this work for free or at heavily subsidised rates for some customers and the Home Heat Helpline can help you find out if you might qualify.
  • Spring clean your boiler – while its warm and the boiler takes a welcome break make sure your boiler is as efficient as it can be. If your boiler is 15 years old or more it might be time for a replacement. Boilers account for around 55% of what you spend in a year on energy bills, so it’s worth doing if you need to.

 The Helpline can be reached on 0800 33 66 99. People can call to speak to one of the friendly advisers or you can now chat online to advisers if you’d rather not call.

Follow the Home Heat Helpline on Twitter for added advice and updates @HHHelpline


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