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Smart meter guidelines launched

Standards will govern the installation and use of data from smart meters

New rules and guidance protecting customers who get a smart meter installed have been launched today. The Smart Meter Installation Code of Practice and Smart Meter Data Guide are two significant measures that will build customer confidence during the smart metering roll out between now and 2020.

The Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice (SMICoP) specifies the minimum standards that energy suppliers have to follow when installing smart meters in their customers’ homes. The code’s aims are for the installation experience to be positive, to ensure customers are protected, and to make sure that customers are clear as to what will happen during the installation process. The code stipulates that smart meter installers are to offer customers energy efficiency advice and also bans sales activity being conducted during the installation.

Smart meters can collect energy consumption information, which customers can use to learn more about their energy use. The Data Guide, which is being launched alongside the SMICoP, outlines the key information customers need to know about their rights and choices when they get a smart meter installed. In particular, it outlines what data will be collected by energy suppliers, and the choices that consumers have about the amount of information their energy supplier can collect and how the information can be used.

Both documents have been the result of work from Energy UK, its members, Consumer Futures, and a number of other stakeholders who have contributed to their development.

Lawrence Slade, Chief Operating Officer, Energy UK, said: “The guidelines launched today are designed to ensure customers have a positive experience when their smart meters are installed. The rules are there to contribute to a smooth and successful roll-out of smart meters across the country.

The commitment of “no sales at the installation visit” will also mean that customers do not face any pressure to take out new products or services at the point of installation. They will however be guaranteed to get advice about how to use less energy in the home, which will be very welcome.”

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