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Energy UK response to Spending Review 2013

In response to the Government's Spending Review 2013, Energy UK said:

“The new power stations, wires and pipes we need to keep the lights on means investing in a sensible, balanced mix of new nuclear, biomass and renewables. We look forward to seeing the details when the government publishes those in Investing in Britain’s Future.

“Energy UK welcomes the government’s commitment to stimulating the economy and the role it sees for infrastructure spending by the energy companies. Capital spending on energy projects is both part of the building blocks of economic recovery and important for businesses and individuals as we move to modernise how energy is generated and delivered. Our members will continue to work with government as we pay to build and deliver new, cleaner, affordable energy to every household and business in the country. Energy projects will create many new jobs and provide a major boost for business. However, there needs to be clarity around cost and price so investors have the confidence to get involved. We look forward to seeing further details.

“The UK’s major energy companies are also working to make homes and business premises more energy efficient. We welcome the government’s continuing commitment to warmer more energy efficient homes. We will work with government to streamline delivery of its Green Deal and ECO schemes so customers get the help they need at no up-front cost.“

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