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Energy UK comments on Which's tariff report

Angela Knight CBE, Chief Executive of Energy UK comments on Which's report on Government plans to simplify energy tariffs:

“People want choice, honest and open comparison and fewer and clearer tariffs. Which?’s ideas have already been fully considered by the regulator – Ofgem – and a lot of work is being done on changing tariffs. Which?’s proposal for a single unit tariff sounds simple, but it’s not what it says on the tin! For example high energy users, like working families with children, would end up subsidising low energy users, like second home owners.

It also ignores the varying charges network companies make in different regions of the country. Those charges are set by the regulator and come through on the bill. Nor do single unit tariffs work for the new 'time of use’ tariffs that allow customers to set things like washing machines to work at times when electricity is cheaper because demand is low.”

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