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Energy UK comments on new business rules for reforming the energy market

Angela Knight CBE, Chief Executive of Energy UK comments on Ofgem's new rules for reforming the energy market for businesses

"Energy companies are committed to these business rules and have pledged to treat their customers fairly. We have been working with Ofgem, business groups and our members to ensure business customers can get the best deal from a competitive energy market and companies have made big strides in delivering improvements for their customers.

"The companies are giving clear, consistent and transparent information to their customers and providing them with the best protection, whether they are households or businesses. We agree that this is paramount and the micro-business voluntary standards for back-billing is an example of this. These standards (which any supplier can also adopt) include a pledge not to back-bill micro-business customers beyond three years for electricity and four/five years for gas. Many suppliers though have voluntarily gone over and above this pledge.

"There is more to be done and we are continuing to work with the regulator, Government, businesses and consumer groups on these reforms. Providing businesses with confidence in our energy market is critically important."

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