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Plan the transition to keep the lights on at the right price says Energy UK

Responding to Alistair Buchanan's comments on the future of the UK energy market, Angela Knight CBE, chief executive of Energy UK, said:

"The regulator is highlighting an area of very real concern. On days like today around 40% of electricity is being produced by coal fired power stations that are being phased out. The UK is committed to moving to more renewable electricity production and to building new nuclear power stations to replace the old ones that are coming to the end of their life.

It is essential that the authorities pay close attention to the transition such as assessing what capacity is needed and what headroom is required, and creating a mechanism  that allows for steady phasing out of old plant as new technology comes on stream to maximise stability and give confidence to customers and to generators.

They then need to get on with exploring the options for UK shale gas reserves to help energy security and focus on the affordability of energy to households and the competitiveness of British industry."

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