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Gemserv appointed as SMDA operator

Energy UK, BEAMA, Energy and Utilities Alliance and Community of Meter Asset Providers are pleased to announce the appointment of Gemserv as the Smart Metering Device Assurance Scheme Operator. Gemserv will be tasked with establishing an independent assurance scheme to encompass interoperability and interchangeability testing for smart metering equipment.

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Energy companies give millions to customers

Millions of customers will benefit from a £6 million boost to energy companies’ trust funds and chosen charities, Energy UK said today. The six largest suppliers have agreed to donate money that has been paid, but for which no energy company can be found.

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Three million customers switch electricity supplier

3.1 million customers changed electricity supplier in 2014, latest Energy UK figures reveal today. The monthly switching data also shows that 1.1 million customers moved from a large company to a small one. Chief executive, Lawrence Slade, said the numbers represented the highest annual net gain for small suppliers since Energy UK records began and more than double the number moving to small suppliers in 2013. He said that, on average, 36 per cent of switches each month were moves to a small provider.

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Energy companies launch quicker switching

Customers will now be able to switch suppliers in half the time, says Energy UK. It is now possible to change provider in 17 days, down from five weeks: three days for companies to make the switch and two weeks to protect customers’ legal cooling off rights. 

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Energy UK comments on falling customer bills

In response to the suggestion that the Government will be investigating claims energy suppliers are not passing on to customers falls in wholesale energy prices, Lawrence Slade, chief executive of Energy UK said:

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