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Energy UK statement on onshore wind subsidies

The Government has announced the withdrawal of new public subsidies for onshore wind projects by legislating to close the Renewable Obligation across Great Britain from 1 April 2016. Following this announcement, Lawrence Slade, chief executive of Energy UK said:

"Withdrawing support for onshore wind projects earlier than planned risks a negative reaction from investors providing finance for new, low-carbon infrastructure needed to meet the UK’s future targets and decarbonisation ambitions. The indicated grace period is welcome, but we will be scrutinising the details. Companies have already committed huge amounts of capital on projects and changes to the Renewable Obligation affect more than just onshore wind developments. Additionally, this could increase costs to customers as onshore wind can provide them with cheap, clean power. At a time when technology costs are coming down we shouldn't prematurely close the door to onshore wind. 

“Today's announcement risks confidence in energy investment upon which a great deal of vital infrastructure investment depends. The government must now engage with industry to provide the long-term policy certainty the country needs to secure investment and therefore must not address one part of energy policy in isolation. The energy industry commits to work within the framework set by government to deliver measures to meet the country’s needs affordably, securely and sustainably.”


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