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Energy UK's statement on consumer bills

On consumer bills, Energy UK said:

"Energy companies are bringing down prices and competition is forcing tariffs to new lows practically every week. Wholesale prices make up less than 50 per cent of the average bill. Many other parts of the bill fall outside of suppliers’ control, so there’s always going to be difference between wholesale price falls and what customers pay. 

 “Overall, the market is becoming ever more competitive with tremendous price competition that is seeing over 25 suppliers offering a range of tariffs. We have seen energy prices fall and there are many deals available which are around £130 cheaper than this time last year. There are now around 50 deals under £1,000 compared to only a handful at the same time last year.

“Recent figures have shown an increasing number of customers switching each month, with 310,000 switching supplier in September. Customers can save hundreds of pounds by shopping around and suppliers are making it quicker and easier for customers to find the deals that are right for them.” 

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