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Energy UK's comment on Amber Rudd's reset speech

The Secretary of State has delivered her energy reset speech to set out the future direction of the Government's energy policy. Energy UK has issued a statement.

Lawrence Slade, chief executive of Energy UK, said:

“Energy policy must keep power flowing so homes are warm and comfortable, while ensuring the UK’s economy is globally competitive. Britain’s energy industry will work with government to continue to deliver reliable, affordable, clean energy to all the country’s homes and businesses helping us meet our climate obligations.

“The planned phasing out of coal can be managed but only with unambiguous policy. Policy that brings forward the substantial investment in other generation sources. We are starting today from a point where around a quarter of all the UK’s demand for energy is met from coal fired power stations. Policy needs to be affordable for consumers while meeting our international climate targets.

“The energy sector will fully play its part but we need government to provide long-term policies so investors find energy projects attractive. Britain also needs a mix of technologies. Renewables play an important role alongside gas and nuclear so we can meet the country’s ongoing future energy needs at the lowest cost and with the least environmental impact.”


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