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Energy UK's statement on energy prices

Energy UK issued a statement on energy prices

Lawrence Slade, chief executive of Energy UK, said:

"Energy companies are bringing down their prices with cheaper tariffs launched almost every week. Since January 2014 the cheapest tariffs have fallen by around £200. There are now over 50 deals under £1,000 being offered by 30 suppliers operating in the market.

“Wholesale prices make up less than half of the average bill and the majority of the rest falls outside suppliers’ control so there will always be a difference between wholesale price falls and what customers actually pay. 

“Suppliers are also making it quicker and easier for customers to find the tariff right for them.  Almost 4 million customers switched supplier in 2015 and, currently, around 400,000 households are signing up to new deals every month.

“No one should suffer in silence and if anyone is worried about paying their energy bills they should contact their supplier. All energy companies have helpful and friendly staff available to help customers manage their bills and ensure they can access all the discounts or grants available.”

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