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Inspiring new talent is the future of the UK energy industry

The future of the Britain’s energy sector is set to be further secured with the launch, this year, of the Young Energy Professionals [YEP] Forum Mentoring Programme, chief executive of Energy UK, Lawrence Slade, said today. As Energy UK publishes its first annual YEP Forum report Slade highlighted the industry’s work - along with EY - in supporting, through the YEP programme, graduates and those in the early stage of their careers.

The YEP Forum annual report, published Thursday 25 February 2016, focuses on how the group helps the next generation of energy industry leaders achieve their potential. The report show cases both the achievements of the past year and next steps for the group. 

These include:
the first ever YEP Awards, which saw 85 submissions and a sell-out ceremony at Vinopolis in London Bridge;
the growth of the YEP Forum to over 800 members, which is more than double that of November 2014;
five successful events in 2015, which included one in Glasgow and one in Birmingham; and
developing an outreach programme for students, in collaboration with Imperial College.
Lawrence Slade, chief executive of Energy UK which runs YEP, said:
“We recognise that introducing and inspiring new talent in the sector is key to the future of the UK energy industry. I am delighted to announce the new YEP Forum mentoring programme is due to launch this year. Joining the Young Energy Professionals Forum is a great opportunity for those starting out in the sector to learn more about the industry and meet other bright sparks in the field. Bringing in and retaining the best employees is arguably one of the most important considerations for businesses.” 
Tony Ward, head of power & utilities at EY, said:
“The way we generate, consume and manage energy in the UK is going through an unprecedented degree of change. For the industry to continue to evolve, and to show leadership through these changes, attracting, encouraging and motivating a new generation of talented and innovative energy professionals will be crucial. 
It is tremendous to see that through the Energy UK Young Energy Professionals network, energy firms are joining together to collectively support the development of their future leaders, and EY is proud to play its part. The quality and breadth of skills displayed by the nominees for the inaugural YEP Awards in summer 2015 provided abundant evidence of the talent that the industry has across its different parts. The focus provided by YEP on developing people at this early stage in their career demonstrates what a great choice a career in energy can provide.”
2016 is set to be another ground-breaking year with the launch of the YEP Forum mentoring programme, in addition to the second YEP Awards and plenty of events up and down the country.
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