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Energy UK speaks to the Secretary of State

Following Lawrence Slade's meeting with the Secretary of State, Energy UK has issued the following statement.

Lawrence Slade, chief executive of Energy UK, said: 

“Energy UK had a clear and productive meeting with the Secretary of State on how energy suppliers can be better engaged with their loyal customers so they can access the best deals.

"These issues were key to the Competition and Markets Authority findings and remedies earlier this year. Energy suppliers have been working with the CMA and Ofgem to implement 36 remedies to promote engagement. These remedies are important and need to take effect. Some suppliers have already taken extra steps, but the market will now need to see if, and how, they can move further.

“Suppliers accept they need to make sure the energy market works better for everyone. It is a direct challenge the industry is committed to meet as a matter of urgency. We will work closely with Government and across the energy market to identify and implement actions that work and will make a material difference for all consumers.”

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