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Energy UK statement on Theresa May's Brexit speech

Following Theresa May's speech on Brexit, which highlighted the key objectives for the negotiation process and the plan from the Government, Energy UK has issued the following statement. 
Lawrence Slade, chief executive of Energy UK, said:
“We welcome further clarity from the Prime Minster on the Government’s objectives for the Brexit negotiations and, as an industry, will strive to deliver the best outcome for UK energy customers. 
“Trade with our European neighbours has enabled access to more diverse sources of electricity that contributes to our security of supply, it is therefore essential that we continue to have a relationship that allows the efficient flow of electricity and gas across borders.
“Alongside the Brexit negotiations, we hope that the Government will bring forward a comprehensive Industrial Strategy to provide a long-term, stable and predictable framework, to help deliver much needed energy investment to build a low carbon future.
“Brexit presents an opportunity for a bold and ambitious plan for energy with the UK showing global leadership in meeting climate change targets, with more jobs, investment and environmental benefits.”
Notes to editors: 
In order to deliver the best outcome for UK energy customers from any Brexit negotiation, Energy UK has identified the following key priorities:
  • minimising domestic policy uncertainty in order to encourage continued investment;
  • efficient trading of power and gas over the interconnectors to enhance security of supply, promote competition and reduce costs by sharing available resources and capacities;
  • access to supply chain products free of tariffs and non-tariff barriers;
  • maintaining liquidity in both electricity and gas markets; and,
  • ensuring access to a skilled and mobile labour force. 
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