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Energy UK’s position on energy efficiency

Energy UK has issued a comment on its position on energy efficiency. Read the full statement below:

Lawrence Slade, chief executive of Energy UK said:

"Improving energy efficiency is fundamental to the UK’s drive to meet carbon reduction targets and tackle fuel poverty, and must be absolutely central to national energy policy. But market-based measures, rather than more binding obligations, should be used to drive energy efficiency investment.

"At an EU level it is necessary to get the balance right between carbon pricing – the key driver of low-carbon generation - and energy efficiency targets:  the Commission’s own impact assessment projects that a 27 percent to 30 percent target increase would weaken the carbon price by some 30 percent by 2030.

"Therefore, the current proposal to raise the energy efficiency targets at European level could slow the long-term transition to a cleaner overall energy system and prove more costly for consumers. 
Likewise, we believe that maintaining a 1.5 percent  energy supplier obligation target indefinitely would result in high delivery costs and weaken the opportunity for competitive markets to develop."


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