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Energy UK responds to Ofgem's extension of price protection to 1 million more vulnerable households

Responding to Ofgem's extension of price protection to 1 million more vulnerable households, Lawrence Slade chief executive of Energy UK said:

“The energy market is changing at a rapid pace - there are now over 50 suppliers to choose from and the Energy Switch Guarantee, launched by the industry, means it is simple, speedy and safe to switch, with many customers able to save much more than £100 in minutes by checking their tariff.
“It is right we ensure protection for the most vulnerable, while ensuring we do not risk halting the growth of competition and engagement in the market which is ultimately benefiting all consumers. 
“One of the major contributors to high energy bills, especially over winter months, is the poor quality of our housing stock.  As Ministers have recently highlighted, energy efficiency measures have helped to keep bills down – to around the same level we were paying nearly a decade ago. Making our homes energy efficient would be the most effective way of reducing bills for customers over the long term - which is why we are calling for the government to make it a fully-funded national infrastructure priority.”


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