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Energy UK welcomes Eurelectric’s calls for close cooperation between the UK and EU post Brexit

The Union of the European Electricity Industry, Eurelectric, representing energy sector participants in 32 countries, today published proposals for a future energy and climate partnership between the UK and the EU. Eurelectric’s report clearly demonstrate the ongoing value to both the United Kingdom and to the European Union of a close partnership in the fields of energy and climate policy. 

Energy UK welcomes Eurelectric’s report and which supports and echoes many conclusions to Energy UK’s own report on “Brexit and future EU-UK energy relationship” published earlier this year. In particular, Eurelectric stresses that any future EU-UK relationship should seek to maintain a close trade relationship through regulatory alignment with the Internal Energy Market, maintain the Single Energy Market on the Island of Ireland and work closely together with the EU to tackle climate change. 
Eurelectric also highlights the significant benefits to the EU from the efficient trade of gas and electricity, which can maintain security of supply while keeping costs down for UK and EU consumers and businesses and allowing Europe as a whole to deliver our climate change targets. 
Lawrence Slade, chief executive of Energy UK, said: 
“This is an important message from the other European countries underlying the benefits of mutual cooperation and regulatory alignment post Brexit, that we have long highlighted. It also supports our calls for a comprehensive energy and climate chapter in a future trade agreement, based on ongoing participation in the Internal Energy Market, which is essential to keep costs down for UK customers and businesses, enhance security of supply in the UK and in Europe and to meet our shared climate targets.”


Link to Eurelectric press release "Minimising the Brexit disruption on energy and climate"

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