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Energy UK responds to NIC's Assessment

Responding to National Infrastructure Commission's Assessment, Energy UK's chief executive Lawrence Slade said:

“We welcome the National Infrastructure Commission’s (NIC) Assessment which highlights the opportunities for a greener future energy system – affordable for all consumers with a focus on energy efficiency in our homes.
“We have long called for this to be a national infrastructure priority as by far the most effective way of keeping bills down for customers in the long term - whilst of course helping to reduce emissions. At the moment too many households, including those who can least afford to, are literally wasting money as they try to heat draughty homes. When households can make typical annual savings of £270 from energy efficiency measures, the case for an investment that would pay such dividends is overwhelming.      
“The report is also another reminder that the transition to a low carbon economy can be done affordably. But minimising the cost on the consumer requires a long term vision and stability which gives the right framework for the market to invest, develop and deliver. Uncertainty will only increase the eventual costs of an unavoidable commitment.
“We’ve seen what can happen when we get it right with the ever falling cost of offshore wind – so the NIC is absolutely correct that other low cost technologies such as solar and onshore wind should no longer be excluded and given the opportunity to drive costs down further.”   

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