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Energy UK welcomes EV Bill

Responding to the passing of the Automated and Electric Vehicles (AEV) Bill, Energy UK’s Chief Executive Lawrence Slade said:

“We welcome the passing of the Automated and Electric Vehicles (AEV) Bill which represents an important step in the roll out of EVs across the UK.

“With the performance of EVs improving – and their costs falling – it will be essential that the supporting infrastructure addressed by this Bill is able to keep pace with fast growing consumer demand.

“The potential benefits of a successful transition to EVs and other forms of low carbon transport are widespread and exciting. This could mean that transport makes a huge contribution to meeting our emissions reduction targets, slashing harmful levels of air pollution in our town and cities and reaping the economic benefits from being a world leader in the technology surrounding EVs. Consumer benefits will be increasingly realised in terms the ability to store and supply electricity, which could have a transformative effect on our energy system.

“Energy UK will continue to drive for a fast paced transition through our seat on the Government’s EV Energy Taskforce and our work with ever-widening network of like-minded voices from across industry.”         



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