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Energy UK responds to Ofgem's Future Insights Paper

Responding to Ofgem's Future Insights Paper, Energy UK’s chief executive Lawrence Slade said: 

“We welcome this consultation, as flexibility and the ability to offer smart charging will be key to making the most of the benefits EVs can offer whilst managing the extra demand on the Grid and minimising the cost to the consumer – as underlined by National Grid’s recent Future Energy Scenarios report.    

“EVs and other forms of low carbon transport can make a huge contribution to meeting our emissions reduction targets, slashing harmful levels of air pollution in our town and cities and reaping the economic benefits from being a world leader in the technologies involved. Additionally their ability to store and supply electricity could have a transformative effect on our energy system and networks need the right incentives to enable that transformation to take place.

“Energy UK is already driving forward a fast paced transition through our seat on the Government’s EV Energy Taskforce, our recent consultation on developing smart charging standards and our work with an ever-widening network of like-minded voices from across industry.”     

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