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Energy UK comments on Environment Agency's report on air quality

Responding to the Environment Agency’s report on air quality published today , Energy UK’s chief executive Lawrence Slade said:

“The energy sector’s transformation to cleaner sources of generation has seen it make huge cuts in pollutants such as Sulphur Dioxide (97% 2000-2016) and Nitrogen Oxides (83%) – as well as the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. The fact that the UK now gets half of its electricity from low carbon sources has contributed significantly to the improvements in air quality highlighted by the Environment Agency.
“Whilst we still have more to do, the report is also right to stress that other sectors like transport urgently need to follow suit as poor air quality is now a major health concern. It’s another reason why the energy industry is doing all it can to support the roll out of electric vehicles (EVs) to replace petrol and diesel vehicles and to do so in the most ambitious timescale possible. EVs offer not only transformative possibilities for the energy system and the UK economy but the chance to transform air quality in our towns and cities."

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You can find out more in Energy UK’s Clean Air Day leaflet

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