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Energy UK responds to government's second batch of "no-deal" scenario technical notices

Responding to the government's second batch of no-deal scenario technical notices, Energy UK's chief executive, Lawrence Slade said:

“Energy UK welcomes the publication of the second batch of technical notices providing guidance to citizens and business in the UK for preparation for a ‘no-deal’ scenario. However, it is disappointing that the notices published today do not provide us with more clarity on a number of key topics for our sector such as future plans for emission trading schemes as well as the arrangements for electricity and gas trading.

“We would like to reiterate our concern that a “no-deal” scenario will have significant and negative consequences for the energy industry and would likely create cost pressure that could impact customers’ bills. We strongly believe that a deal, with a transition period, remains the best way forward for the for energy customers, the sector and the UK as a whole.”

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