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Energy UK comments on budget submission

Commenting on Energy UK’s budget submission, its chief executive Lawrence Slade said:

“We are calling on the Chancellor to help energy customers with measures which will help reduce their bills and ensure that the continuing drive to reduce emissions across the whole economy comes at the least cost to households and businesses.

“Almost 80% of the cost of an average energy bill is outside suppliers’ direct control and with wholesale prices in particular continuing to rise significantly, a National Energy Efficiency Programme would be the most effective way of keeping bills down in the face of such increases. Energy efficiency measures can cut bills by hundreds of pounds a year and help the most vulnerable customers who often pay a high price for living in the draughtiest homes.

“The Government can further help customers by taking the opportunity of Brexit to remove VAT from energy bills and energy efficiency measures - and by tackling the inequality of social and environmental programme costs being levied on bills and taking no account of ability to pay - thus hitting the poorest hardest.         

“It also makes no sense when trying to keep bills down for the Government to exclude the cheapest sources of renewable power such as solar and onshore wind. And if we are to continue to build on the energy industry’s success in reducing emissions, we urgently need to have clarity on future carbon pricing and to kick start similar progress in sectors like transport and heating.”

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