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Energy UK responds to Aurora Energy Research's report

Responding to Aurora Energy Research's report, Energy UK's chief executive Lawrence Slade said:  

“With the performance of electric vehicles improving – and their costs falling – it will be essential that the supporting infrastructure is able to keep pace with fast growing consumer demand. EVs and other forms of low carbon transport have an enormous and widespread potential - to reduce emissions, slash harmful levels of air pollution in our towns and cities and bring economic benefits from the UK becoming a world leader in the technology involved. Consumers could also benefit from the ability to store and supply electricity, which could have a transformative effect on our energy system and energy bills.

“It is vital to remove barriers to uptake of charge points at commercial and industrial sites, including reducing the cost of electricity connections as is being explored in Ofgem’s charging and access review. The energy industry is fully committed to working with other sectors to support faster decarbonisation of the transport sector, which is why Energy UK recently established an EV Charging Forum, bringing together charge point operators.”

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