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Energy UK responds to DfT announcement on EV chargepoints

Responding to the Department for Transport’s announcement on Government funded electric car chargepoints, Energy UK’s chief executive Lawrence Slade said:

“As the performance and cost of electric vehicles (EVs) improve, the necessary infrastructure must keep pace with consumer demand and also embrace smart charging, as identified by the Government.

“Customers should be given the choice on how and when they charge their EV and also be incentivised to do so at times which places less stress on the electricity network. That would mean savings both for individual drivers and for all energy customers because spreading the extra demand from EVs across the day requires less costly grid reinforcement and generation at peak times.      

“That’s why we have focused on the critical role of smart charging in our work to support the EV rollout, including developing standards, launching our EV charging forum and leading the EV Energy Taskforce on user engagement.”

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