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Energy System Transformation

In order to transform the UK into a low carbon economy and allow the country to reach carbon emission reduction targets at lowest cost, there is a need to use our energy more intelligently. This means we need to develop smart, flexible and accessible systems that deliver efficient energy usage and increase UK companies’ competitiveness.

In 2016, Energy UK set up the New Energy Services and Heat (NESH) Committee to lead our work in this space and enable those energy industry actors outside of traditional supply and generation roles to join forces and become a part of the voice of the leading trade association for the UK energy industry. The Committee leads Energy UK’s work in engaging with government and supporting a set of smarter digitalised systems across power, heat and transport to unlock the estimated £17-40bn in benefits from a smart energy system.

NESH’s work programme enables the energy industry to drive forward the transition to a smart, flexible, low carbon energy system which meets demand at the lowest cost to the consumer, focusing on three primary work areas: flexibility in the energy system, the decarbonisation of heat and supporting low carbon transport (each supported by a dedicated working group). The NESH Committee examines the changing nature of the energy industry and the ways in which developing business models and a wide range of new and existing technologies will enhance security of supply and enable wider decarbonisation of power, heat, transport and industry.

In addition to the work being taken forward in flexibility, heat and transport, other priorities the New Energy Services and Heat Committee are taking forward in 2018 include:

  • The EMR five-year review, including future rule changes to the Capacity Market;
  • Ofgem’s Significant Code Review;
  • RIIO 2 and the changing role of network and system operators;
  • The changing role and classifications of distributed energy resources.
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